What to Do When You Have Damaged Gutters

If you have rusty, leaky gutters, it may be time for a new gutter installation. However, minor problems can often be solved with gutter repair services. Walker Roofing & Construction LLC in Willoughby, OH is your go-to provider for any gutter problems you may be experiencing.

If you're concerned about peeling paint or mildew growth, call us today to go over your options with an expert.


The gutter installation process is long and involved, which is why you should leave it to an expert. When you hire us to install new gutters, we'll:
  • Inspect your exterior carefully for any damage that needs to be repaired
  • Map out drainage points and measure the home's dimensions
  • Select the best type of gutter based on your personal preferences
  • Add downspout holes to prepare the gutter for installation
  • Mark a proper slope and install the gutters and downspouts

For professional gutter repair and installation services in Willoughby, OH, turn to Walker Roofing & Construction LLC. We'll handle all the details for you.

Benefits of Gutters

Gutters are a great way to protect your home or building from water damage. They work by channeling rainwater away from your property, and into the ground where it is absorbed naturally. Many people consider gutters a necessity for their homes because they prevent costly damages that you might experience if water was allowed to accumulate on the roof. Gutter systems also help reduce energy costs in the summertime when air conditioning would be running constantly without them. Additionally, they provide an aesthetic benefit to any house with their attractive design! In this blog-post we will discuss five benefits of gutters:

Gutter Installation

Is a low-cost, yet effective way to prevent water damage. Gutters are by far the cheapest and simplest strategy for preventing water from damaging your home or commercial property. They work well because most rainwater is typically diverted away from your building with gutters in place before it has time to stay on any one point of contact long enough to cause major harm. Gutter systems also help reduce energy costs during hot months when air conditioning usually runs constantly without them installed; they provide an aesthetic benefit as well!

A gutter system can be made out of metal, vinyl, rubberized material. The choice really depends on what type of look you want: decorative metal gutters, vinyl or rubberized gutters. Metal gutter systems are durable and attractive; they come in a wide variety of styles including different shapes (round, square) as well as sizes, which makes them easy to install on any type building. Vinyl is a popular choice because its known ) Gutter systems also help reduce energy costs during hot months when air conditioning usually runs constantly without them installed; they provide an aesthetic benefit as well!

Gutter Repair

Repairing your gutter can be a daunting task. Gutter repairs can range in price depending on the type of gutter, but typically cost around $600-800. Gutters that have moss or algae build up may need to be replaced.

Aesthetic Benefit: Aesthetics are important when it comes to gutters because they not only provide a functional benefit, but also an aesthetic one as well! Metal gutters come in different shapes and sizes which makes them easy for installation onto any style building; vinyl is popular choice due to its durability and low maintenance needs. Gutters help reduce energy costs during hot months by reducing air conditioning usage - without them installed homes will run their units constantly.

Protecting Your Gutters From Tree Damage

the way you can protect your gutters from that is by installing a gutter guard on the roof's edge. Protecting your home: Guttering protects every area of your property, including foundation walls and roofs - without them installed water will simply pour off the side onto everything below it! Gutters are available in many different shapes and sizes to suit any need or space requirement you may have. For example, if you are building an extension then there might be some difficulty accessing the existing downpipe; so know about all possible alternatives before making a decision.

Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Gutters

You can clean your gutters by using an extension pole and a specialized gutter cleaning brush. The brush will ensure all of the sediment is removed and leaves your gutters free from blockages.

Gutters can be protected from tree damage on your roof with a gutter guard installed near the edge that protects them from being damaged if hit by falling branches or other debris, as well as protecting dwellings below against water pouring off uncontrolled in large quantities. Guttering also prevents any harm to foundation walls which could cause leaks into homes with inadequate drainage systems; it would also prevent leakage onto roofs without gutters when rain water has nowhere left to go but down.

Gutter Guard

A gutter guard is a practical solution that will save you the hassle of having to clean out your gutters every few weeks, and it also prevents leaves from slowly piling up on top of one another in the gutters which can then cause blockages. Gutter guards are installed near the edge of roofs so as not to interfere with any other parts of roofing work being done at the same time; they attach firmly using screws or nails and come in various colours such as green (the most common) or black for those who want something more subtle. Gutters keep rain water flowing smoothly down through our home's drainage systems without causing leaks into homes with inadequate drainage systems, Guttering saves us from having to worry about clogged drains caused