Carol H Sweet Nature Center is a beautiful place to explore and learn about nature. Carol H Sweet offers more than just trails; they offer high-quality programming for all ages and interests! Carol H Sweet Nature Center also has a robust volunteer program that invites people of all ages to get involved with the organization's mission. Learn more here.

Carol H Sweet Nature Center in Mentor, OH, is a great place to visit with your friends and family. Whether you are looking for something fun to do on the weekends or during the weekdays, this location has it all! The Carol H Sweet Nature Center was founded by Carol Hiller, who wanted to share her love of animals. She also wanted people to experience what it's like living out in nature so they can appreciate everything that God created around us. This place offers different activities such as hiking along the trails where you will find deer tracks everywhere (even though we were there at least 30 minutes before sunset), seeing birds, and even a playground for the kids. Learn more about President's Park in Mentor, OH: Activities to Continue Your Adventure.

The Carol H. Sweet Nature Center is a great place to go for nature lovers of all ages in Mentor, OH.  It's open from sunrise until sunset every day and offers perfect trails for hiking or biking through the scenic surroundings. There are also educational displays at each point, along with the trail system inside these natural habitats - so you can learn about what you're seeing!